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A couple of months ago I started this think called the Ingmar Bergman Challenge where I watch one film by Bergman every week. I stuck to it for a while but then sort of abandoned it because of college work, now I think I should put an end to it because I could never keep up with it partly because of college work and partly because I’ve pretty much watched all the Bergman films I could get my hands on. Most recently I’ve seen The Virgin Spring which was based on a Swedish folk story, although I enjoyed watching it I couldn’t help noticing the films similarities to the Wes Craven horror classic ‘The Last House On The Left’ I looked into it and it turns out that Craven did in fact base his film on The Virgin Spring which was made more than a decade before Last House. The last film I’ve watch was Persona, I was aware that this was considered by many to be Bergman’s greatest work so I was really looking forward to it. After watching, I was really lost for words, it was like transported into an era where films like that could be made, films just about people with such emphasis on the human aspect. I thought it was a great way to say goodbye to Bergman films at least for now. Below is the complete list of films I have watched, I must say that Wild Strawberries (pictured) still remains my favourite and others that I really like are Summer With Monika and The Seventh Seal.    

  • The Seventh Seal (1957)
  • Wild Strawberries (1957)
  • The Magician (1958)
  • Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
  • Summer with Monika  (1953)
  • Winter Light (1963)
  • Autum Sonata (1978)
  • The Virgin Spring (1960)
  • Persona (1966)
  • Summer Interlude (1951)

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